4 Tips to Personalize Content for Better Engagement

Most sales and marketing organizations still find it challenging to optimize their campaigns, despite direct access to prospect data and numerous studies showing how much more effective customizations are. So, if you’re wondering why your team hasn’t adopted a more personalized approach to their campaigns, don’t worry – you’re not alone. A recent study showed that 70% of brands fail to personalize their email messages, with many of the challenges centered around data accuracy, as well as the lack of technology and resources to execute personalized campaigns.

You may already be doing a number of things that can help you start off small and work your way up to the big leagues. Simply knowing someone’s company, along with industry or job function, is more than enough to personalize your content.

Here are the golden tips

1) Identify How You’ll Obtain Your Data
2) Build Your Segmentations
3) Use These Segmentations to Drive Content
4) Test it

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