Why it is best to partner with a local IT service provider in the city of Austin

If you are a medium or a small business operating in Austin it is essential to talk to someone from our company about IT services.  We will almost immediately get to work for you to improve everything about your company information technology.

Here are a few things that will happen from the start:   

  1. Complete overview of your company’s actual need and best solutions
  2. Equipment’s health review
  3. Online security readiness
  4. End-point security
  5. Network and internet connect speed
  6. Software integration
  7. API’s management
  8. Firmware management
  9. Employee’s best practice
  10. Over kills system identification

After going over the above list.  We’ll give your company a rating aiming to save you money, improve productivity and streamline your system for optimum usage.

We like to think of ourselves the best IT company for companies with under 500 employees.  A typical client has 2 employee all the to 400+ employee.  If your company falls within this ranch, we might be a great IT partner for your company.

We also provide our small business clients with a complete managed IT service solution network and Wi-Fi system free of charge with a simple low cost monthly subscription starting at $75 per month.

Things we usually find out with most new client.

  1. Using equipment sold by IT companies that is not need
  2. Network not function fast enough
  3. Paying too much for ISP services
  4. Paying too much for VOIP or landline telephone services
  5. In-house IT personal not knowledgeable enough about new telephone that could improve productivity
  6. Old cat5 cabling not able to system current network or internet speed
  7. System design poorly causing issues
  8. Password low encryption causing vulnerability
  9. Wi-fi access point cross channels and interfere with one another
  10. Too much cloud virtual machine for the size of the company
  11. Too little on-premise storage hard drive

Companies in Austin use best in class of everything IT, cloud computing, network infrastructure etc…

Convo Technologies work side by side with many of these companies.  Austin is leading the way in business technologies.   The city of Austin as the 11th larges city in the U.S.  However, it is in the top 10 when it comes to information technology (IT).

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