Burglar captured on home surveillance video in East Austin

An East Austin man is hit by burglars twice. This latest time he was ready for them. Cameras mounted throughout his home were rolling and he shared the video with us.

At 11:19 a.m. Wednesday there is a knock at the door of this home in the Windsor Park neighborhood.

The owner, who doesn’t want to be identified, is at work, but his surveillance cameras are rolling.

The messages were followed by a call from police. It was a familiar conversation.

“They said my house had been burglarized and I needed to come home immediately,” the victim said.

Once he got there, he reviewed the footage with officers. Crime scene technicians used it as a guide as to where to collect fingerprints.

The victim bought the camera system after thieves broke into his home in August of 2014.

“It’s one thing to imagine that there’s someone in your house, then it’s another thing to actually see a stranger in your house going through your things,” he said. “It made it so much more real and maybe more angry because you can put a face to the person who broke into your house.”

On the other hand, he can’t help but feel excited that maybe this time thief won’t get away with the crime.

“Hopefully, the guy’s on video now and his face is out there. If they catch him he won’t be able to do this with anyone else,” he said. “Statistics wise you’re likely to be burglarized a couple times in your life, so hopefully I’m done.”

The man’s neighbor did get a look at the suspect’s vehicle. It was a gold-colored Crown Victoria without plates. If you recognize the man or the description of that vehicle, please call Austin police.