Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy: a simple and more secure way to manage application access

Many businesses are eager to move their internal applications to the cloud, but need to ensure their sensitive data is protected when doing so. While enterprise IT teams are skilled at building innovative apps, they may not be experts on identity and security models for cloud-hosted applications.

That’s why we developed Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy, which is now generally available. Cloud IAP provides granular access controls and is easy to use so that companies can quickly and more securely host their internal apps in the cloud.

Here’s an example of how it works. Say you’re a large consumer goods company with a global data science team that needs access to specific internal data. Your IT team might need to manage an ever-changing list of employees who need access. After moving these applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), admins can enable Cloud IAP, add groups to the access control lists, thereby making sure applications are only safely accessible to the users that need them from anywhere on the Internet. This means your enterprise IT team can spend its time doing what they do best — like building a world-class supply chain system — instead of focusing on complex security issues.

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