Creating the Next Generation Wireless Desktop

Logitech introduced LIGHTSPEED, our proprietary wireless technology, to deliver unparalleled speed, consistency and robustness. They went after the most demanding gaming mice enthusiasts, providing them the ultimate power delivery solution with POWERPLAY. Each of these new wireless technologies provide them with the freedom and flexibility to develop gaming products that have never been seen before and deliver on their commitment to innovation.

They have recently announced their next advancement in wireless gaming, bringing high performance wireless to more gamers than ever before.

Enter the High Efficiency Rated Optical, or HERO, sensor. This sensor delivers the same quality performance expected from a Logitech G gaming mouse with 10x the efficiency. Gamers can now benefit from superior precision and accuracy with unparalleled power efficiency. The HERO Sensor makes its debut today with the launch of the new Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse. As the latest installment in our wireless portfolio, HERO is also another concrete milestone in their wireless strategy. They are completely committed to wireless gaming. So much so that if there isn’t a technology that meets their performance standards – they invent it.

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