Cybersecurity Needs to be Closely Linked to IT Modernization

There’s a direct link between the amount of legacy applications and IT infrastructure any organization has installed and an organization’s overall security posture. The longer applications and IT infrastructure have been deployed the more likely it is that cybercriminals are exploiting some vulnerability. It’s even probable that vulnerability is a known exploit. The patch for that vulnerability, however, has been overlooked by an IT organization that is either overworked or simply uninformed.

A forthcoming executive order on cybersecurity that is expected to be signed any day now makes this connection. The executive order is expected to closely link cybersecurity to IT modernization projects across the Federal government. Like a lot of businesses, it turns out government agencies still rely on a lot of legacy applications and IT infrastructure that is difficult and ultimately costly to secure. When the total cost adding layers of security is calculated it turns out that upgrading those systems to achieve many of those security goals winds up being less expensive over time. In addition, those new applications and systems provide the added benefit of increasing productivity.

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