Enterprise identity made easy in Google Cloud Platform with Cloud Identity

Millions of G Suite customers depends on Google Cloud’s identity services to protect their online identities perform single sign on and enforce multi-factor authentication. The same identity management features used for years in G Suite will be available for free to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers to manage their developers online with Cloud Identity.

Introducing Cloud Identity support in GCP

From June 27th 2017 onwards Google rolling out native support for Cloud Identity right into GCP. Cloud Identity makes it easy to provision and manage users and groups directly from the Google Admin Console. Once you sign up for Cloud Identity, you’ll also get access to the Cloud Resource Manager to administer your new GCP organization. Cloud Resource Manager allows you to centrally manage all of your organization’s GCP projects and IAM roles. With Cloud Identity and Cloud Resource Manager, you now have full control over how your organization uses Google Cloud.

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