Preventing Log Waste with Stackdriver Logging

If you work with web applications, you probably know they can generate a lot of log messages. There are often multiple log messages for each request, log messages for database queries, and log messages from a monitoring system. Analyzing and understanding all that data can take up precious time and energy, especially if your logs are full of “normal” noise that’s not relevant to the the issue you’re currently facing. Stackdriver Logging has recently released a new feature, Log Exclusion Filtering, that helps you be more selective about what is included in your log aggregation. Exclusion filters let you completely exclude log messages from a specific product or messages that match a certain query. You can also choose to sample certain messages so that only a percentage of the messages appear in Stackdriver Logs Viewer. You can learn more about getting started with Log Exclusions here.

Deciding what should always be logged and what you can safely sample or exclude depends on the details of your application. However, we thought we’d share some types of messages you can consider filtering out.

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