What is the “workplace of the future”, and why does it matter?

With the influx of technology, connectivity and change – it’s undeniable that workplaces are transforming from the traditional idea of what most of us know as ‘the office’. With this rapid rate of change, the focus for many companies is how to take that all important next step in their digital transformation journey. This means looking for innovative business-focused solutions that will help them create a true Workplace of the Future by improving workflow, experience, workspace and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Mobility and its Impact on Workplace Transformation

Increasing use of mobile devices; particularly as high speed broadband connectivity becomes more pervasive and many businesses are struggling to meet the challenge of having up to five different generations of workers coexisting in the same workplace. The impact of this is that businesses need to be able to empower employees who have vastly different experiences and relationships with technology, from the millennials who have grown up with it to older generations who may be less comfortable. That means that businesses need to deliver consistent and easy experiences for collaboration that deliver the simplicity that consumer devices have led us all to expect with the power necessary for real enterprise-class quality.

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