Home security cameras capture Pflugerville burglary suspects

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — It all happened in a matter of 30 minutes, a Pflugerville home broken into by multiple suspects.

Home security cameras first captured images of a white SUV slowly driving by the home and then circling back, parking in front. A woman is seen walking to the front door, and then getting back into the passenger seat as the car drives away. A few minutes later, a black SUV pulls up to the front of the home with multiple suspects. Cameras inside the home captured closer images of them.

“I thought these were not professionals, said Chris, the homeowner. “But once I went through the videos and saw the number of people and the number of vehicles — they were methodical.”

Pflugerville police say, based on the video, it looks like the suspects work together as a team and that it’s obviously something they’ve done before.

Chris, who only wanted his first name used, says he’s thankful neither he nor his elderly parents were home at the time. The thieves rummaged through everything: kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets and even the refrigerator and freezer.

They stole cash and his mother’s computer. Police believe the suspects may also have been looking for prescription painkillers, which they can sell on the street.

“My mom’s freaking out. She couldn’t sleep last night,” said Chris. “I just lie there thinking about different scenarios, what could’ve happened.”

He hopes images from his security cameras will help police catch the suspects.

“You feel violated, [it’s] your personal space,” he said.

Pflugerville police say it isn’t uncommon for burglars to have lookouts while they burglarize homes, and that they often knock first to see if anyone answers.

If anyone has information about the suspects, they’re asked to call Pflugerville Police.