How to maintain a high-quality database

The global data management report of 2016, indicates that due to the fact that more businesses are moving to the cloud, 74% of U.S. organizations would use a SaaS solution to identify and resolve data issues. The most urgent services that these organizations need for their data management are:

Removal of duplicates: Normally, data comes from multiple sources such as web forms, emails, and marketing leads. Additionally, in certain cases, contacts are being created by different departments or several agents in the same department. These factors increase the possibility of having duplicated contacts.When we have duplicates, emailing services become inefficient and generate unnecessary costs. Plus, the information in our CRM or Help Desk becomes confusing and inaccurate. Nowadays, there are different tools we can use to remove duplicates.

Minimized human error: Human error is one of the most frequent ways to lose information. A bad phone number, a spelling error or typo mistake can make us lose a potential customer. We can minimize the chances of human error by simply asking our team to double check the information.

Frequently update: Staying on top of contact updates is never easy. An update allows the proper management of emails in disuse, new contacts or change in information.

Solutions to this problem are multiple. Examples would be sending an email to old or inactive contacts asking “Is this still your mail?” or simply using integration tools in real time.

A few years ago, data management was a big challenge. Now, technology has developed tools to make our lives easier.

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