Samsung shrinks modular TV to 75”

Samsung’s new 75-inch MicroLED TV — on show here at CES — is the smallest incarnation yet that achieves 4K resolution, today’s de-facto level of visual detail for big-screen TVs. Of course OLED and LCD are already up to 8K resolution, but baby steps, right?

As the name suggests, MicroLED uses millions of individual teeny, tiny LEDs to create its image. It promises all of the great picture quality of OLED (perfect black levels, improved-off-axis viewing) along with superior brightness and less of a propensity for burn-in.

Individual MicroLED modules.

Beyond its image quality benefits, Samsung’s MicroLED is modular. Individual panels of MicroLEDs can stand alone or combine to create truly gigantic screens — like The Wall, a 146-inch version that made a big splash at CES last year — or smaller sizes in various shapes.

In addition to the new 75-inch size, Samsung is also showing an even larger version of The Wall this year — a whopping 219 inches. Also on display are “TVs” the company dubs “The Window,” which can come in tall, narrow designs as well as short, wide rectangular variations.

Samsung previously announced that it intends to sell MicroLED TVs to consumers in the US in 2019, taking advantage of the new-generation displays’ thinner panels. The first generation of The Wall was 80mm thick and designed for industrial use, while the newer consumer-focused version slims down to 30mm.

Samsung has yet to provide pricing or availability information about the new MicroLED displays.

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